Dr. Gregory Mueller

"oVio creates a dynamic, volumetric 360-degree video image of a patient that can be taken before a procedure and periodically thereafter to precisely deliver images for exact comparison over time."

Photo of Gregory Mueller, MD

Photo of Anh Nguyen, MD

Dr. Anh Nguyen

"Fell in love with this system when I was in the USA in April. Had to get one for my MediSpa team to make patient photography effortless and accurate."

Dr. Matthew Trovato

"oVio360 is the state-of-the-art in photographic and video technology for before and after images for surgery. We see images in 360 degree circumferential of the patient. We'll be able to clearly see before and after's and pick the right surgery for this patient. We'll be able to know exactly what we've done in post operative."

Photo of Matthew Trovato, MD

Photo of Craig Ziering, MD

Dr. Craig Ziering

"The stills and video captured during a patient's consult provide our surgeons with the highest level of visibility of our patient's hair loss, allowing them to create fully customized treatment plans."

Dr. Barry DiBernardo

"Before and after images in plastic surgery are the critical essence of what we do because patients want to see where they were and where they're going. The real key with using oVio images is having standardization."

Photo of Barry DiBernardo, MD

Photo of Brian Dickinson, MD

Dr. Brian Dickinson

"I absolutely love the oVio system. I use it consistently every day for face and body. I could get consistent lighting, the storage of images is superb and images are easily retrievable. The staff enjoy using it because it's simple and easy and patients love it."