The Future of Beauty

oVio360 is the only 360-degree dynamic imaging system for aesthetic practices. The capture process takes 12 seconds and produces a high-resolution video file that allows you to see yourself like you would in real-life. Workflow is extremely simple, both for captures and use and display of the images post-imaging.

Each file is composed of 360 HD still images that can be extracted and viewed in exact, degree by degree, increments. Before and after side-by-side views are simple to create and share.

The oVio360 system creates an environment for consistent lighting and framing of the subject, and our patented centering technology from a top-down camera ensures that images are perfectly centered in each video rotation. Each rotation takes no more than 12 seconds. Our proprietary software allows multiple rotations to be compared side by side so that patients can visualize improvements through bonafide, life-like before and after results.

Global Reach

oVio360 is a worldwide company with multiple offices in different parts of the world and clients in over five different countries. With a global reach, we’ve been able to help hair restoration clinics, plastic surgery offices, and medical spa practices as far as a plane can travel. We look forward to more frequent flyer miles and previously unexplored territories for our state-of-the-art technology.


Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh

"For aesthetics, oVio360™ is the only patented system that allows accurate live facial motion imaging. This unique ability allows physicians to not only document physical shape of the face and body, but also the actual movement of the muscles, fatty tissue, and overlying skin."

Ziering Medical

"...this first–of–its–kind photo imaging technology utilizes two HD cameras to provide 360-degree views of our patients’ scalps. The stills and video captured during a patients’ consult provide our surgeons with the highest level of visibility of our patient's hair loss, allowing them to create fully customized treatment plans."

Dana Corddry of the Medical Device News Magazine

"[oVio’s] existing products are well-established as an invaluable resource to doctors providing cosmetic surgery, skincare, hair replacement treatment, and other services to their clients."

Dr. Gregory Mueller (The Neck Doctor)

"ovio360 is my best tool to evaluate results and to plan the surgery."