The oVio360 system is the best platform to create living and dynamic images of patients. The camera arm rotates around the patient in 12 seconds or less and creates 360º high-definition images with a 360º video that shows what patients look like in real life.

360-degree high-resolution capture + top-down capture of hair
Fast and easy workflow
Artifact-free lighting
Head, torso, and selectable view of body
Import patient documents and files
360 video helps understand skin and nerve function before and after surgery
Easily create before and after galleries
Compare and annotate captures

oVio360 + Your Practice

Existing photography and imagery for aesthetic practices are out of date. Poor lighting, varying backgrounds, and lack of technician knowledge result in inconsistent patient images. Further, current images are static, and thereby cannot show facial and body movements both before and after procedures. The quality of the oVio360 images provide an unparalleled ability for the patient to see even the smallest improvements resulting in:

  1. Better patient outcomes
  2. Fewer revisions for the practitioner
  3. Higher conversion from consultation to booked procedures
  4. Greater patient satisfaction
  5. A unique, exciting patient experience

Synergistic Workflow

Initial Consultation

Doctor consulting a patient

Treatment Plan Education

Doctor demonstrating how the oVio 360 works

Intra-Operative Guidance

Doctor using the oVio 360 device on a patient

Post-Operative Imaging

Before and after photos of the oVio 360 device showing waist slimming.

The oVio difference

Chart showing the Ovio difference